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Need funding? We will help you obtain working capital for your business.
Need help building your business credit?
Opening a new business but don't know where to start?
We will get you on the road to success.
It's hard to find or get approved for loans now days. It's close to impossible for any type of business; real estate, start-ups, franchises, inventions, ect. We have creative ways to get you the funding you need if your a new business or an existing. When the banks say no we get creative!! 



We can help you obtain funding right away!


  • 0% Interest for 12--21 months 
  • Unsecured ( Obtain funding before you lock into an investment)
  • $25,0000- $380,000

We Work for You


  • Obtain Funding in as little as 2 weeks
  • Help you establish  your Business & Corporate Credit Management of Help you market and create your business goals
  • Work with you as long as you need us. 
  • Help with other parts of your business as needed



  • Reporting: Help directors make informed decisions
  • Capital Fundraising: Seek equity to help grow your business
  • Advice We know your entire business structure. We also have numerous  connections to help you with any types of projects